Editing Cookies

Toni Mueller support-nginx at oeko.net
Thu Mar 25 14:30:03 MSK 2010


I'm running against a wall with this problem:

I want to have nginx reverse-proxying to a Domino server to access web
mail. The Domino server sets a cookie like this:

Set-Cookie: LtpaToken=AAECAzRCQUIzOTAzNEJBQjQwMEJDTj1KYW1lcyBULiBLaXJrL09VPUFTREUvTz1BU0NUQUcvQz1ERVfDFlPa9ly73A1MRubC5PW1h4vN; domain=.company.local; path=/

It is easy to see that all browsers outside of the network where this
name can be resolved, will not accept the cookie, and thus be unable to
log in. I currently have no idea about how to do this.

What I would like to see is something like

rewrite_header headername value flags

(ie, a "natural" extension of the "rewrite" statement). The rewriting
should preferably work in both directions, so one could rewrite request
headers which are going to some backend, as well as response headers.

Any ideas, please?

Kind regards,

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