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> On Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 4:28 PM, matthieu Labour
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> > Hi
> >
> > I am new to nginx.
> >
> > Can i use nginx to repeat / duplicate incoming requests ...? I understand
> > that I can use nginx to load balance ... but in my use case, i need to
> > duplicate the request. The incoming request should be routed to server0
> > server1. Is it possible with nginx? Thank you for your help
> > matt
> Assuming such a thing were possible, what could you sensibly do with
> two responses to the same request? Send only the first one to the
> client? Compare if they are different and send an error if they are?
> Or do you want to send only POSTS to multiple back-end systems to keep
> them in sync somehow (not a reliable mechanism, as you will miss loads
> of requests when a back-end is down)?
I tought as well the idea was pretty unusual, as it's twice the work and you
usually want to do as less as possible!
Anyway, depending on load, expected availability, if it' a proof of concept
or something like that, I'd work on a minimal, self rolled "duplexing
proxy"... a minimal version should be < 100 lines of ruby or similar
languages....but it really depends a lot on what's needed.
If the idea was instead just that of benchmarking two different versions of
some service, I'd rather record the requested urls and then play them back
to different backends.

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