Add slash to the base url

Piotr Sikora piotr.sikora at
Wed Mar 31 20:38:16 MSD 2010

> I am referring to Subject II: Urls and Redirects (page no 20).

I don't see anything there that says that "" and 
"" are different for search engines.

> Also here is another example from Matt Cutt's blog -
> I have seen this being mentioned on some other forums too. A quick
> google search lists a lot of discussions -

This is just some random stuff you can find on the Internet.
It doesn't mean that there is any science, research or knowledge behind it.

And on top of that, you're missing one important thing:
"" translates to "/something",
"" translates to "/something/",
but both:
"" and "" translate to "/".

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