Proxy Cache 502 Problem

gsyi nginx-forum at
Fri Oct 1 13:32:43 MSD 2010

We´re trying to cache all of our JS files using Proxy Cache from
HttpProxyModule but somehow we always get confused responses from the
server, sometimes we get a 502 error and sometimes we get the cached JS
files... heres the config:

	 proxy_temp_path /tmp/proxy/proxy_temp_path;
	 proxy_cache_path  /tmp/proxy/proxy_cache_path  levels=1:2  
keys_zone=cache_one:10m inactive=1d max_size=5m;

	   location ~ .*\.(js)$
	     proxy_cache cache_one;
	     proxy_pass          http://localhost:8080;
             proxy_cache_valid       200  1h;
             proxy_cache_use_stale   error timeout invalid_header;

Anyone who can help out?

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