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Ilan Berkner iberkner at
Sun Oct 3 21:39:59 MSD 2010

Hi All,

I'm setting up Nagios to run thorugh Nginx.  I have the CGI wrapper working
(yey).  However, some nagios web based functions require access to a nagios
command file (a pipe) in the nagios /var/rw directory.

When the nagios service starts, it creates a "nagios.cmd" pipe file in the
rw directory.

When trying to access that web file through the web interface, there's a
permission issue.  However, if I set the nagios.cmd file to have 777
permissions, it works fine.

The problem is that when the nagios service is restarted, the nagios.cmd
file is recreated and no longer has the 777 permissions.

I am running the nagios service and the Nginx web server under the same user
and group.

The /nagios/ directory is accessed through an alias configuration, so maybe
that has something to do with it?

Regardless, for some reason, the user that Nginx is trying to access the
nagios.cmd file is being denied.

Is anyone familiar with this particular issue?  Just thought I'd ask this
group.  I have posted this question at the Nagios group and was told to look

Which I followed to a tee, but no luck.

Just thought I'd ask this group... :-)

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