no performance improvement on nginx reverse-proxy

Cliff Wells cliff at
Wed Oct 13 10:11:26 MSD 2010

On Wed, 2010-10-13 at 12:33 +0800, yung wrote:

> After testing for some times (have been changing the arugments for
> http_load), I found nginx with reverse-proxy is not better than the
> realserver.
> Even the result is worse for accessing nginx than access apache directly.

> So how do you think about it?
> Suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

If you use a Ferrari to tow a dump truck, you will find that the dump
truck actually goes slightly faster on its own.
In short, there are so many bottlenecks in your test setup (Apache, CGI,
database) that the speed differences you see are probably not even
statistically significant.

Further, it's not clear at all why you think adding additional layers of
processing (a proxy) to your stack would somehow magically speed things
up.   *Of course* it will be slower.   How could you ever expect
anything different?   The typical use-case of Nginx in front of Apache
is to allow Nginx to serve static resources to take the load away from
Apache.   You could also use some of Nginx' caching features to take
load off Apache.   You did none of these things.   I think you need to
think harder about what you are testing.


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