Image Hosting

Reinis Rozitis r at
Thu Oct 14 16:41:57 MSD 2010

> Actually the image size is arround 100KB each. The server is running in 
> 250Mbps traffic.
> I already described the disk I'm using is scsi 15K RPM in raid 0

So do you see iowait (by running 'iostat' or 'top') which could mean that 
the bottleneck is disk system (and then the only way to improve the 
situation is either by getting more disks or adding memory for caching 
(either just by pure linux vm file cache or adding some memory only proxies 
like varnish)).

Usually its good to try other servers for comparison like apache or 
lighttpd - if the default configurations show the same results its not the 
webserver at fault and therefore nothing wrong with nginx config.

But still its too few data (for example nginx version / configuration (maybe 
too less workers) / some IO metrics (filesystem version (ext, xfs .. ), file 
atributes (directory structure)) / network load) to give any solution or 
hints - in short be more detailed about the problem you have.


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