Nginx Proxy + Apache and php5 as apache module SERVER_ADDR problem (HELP!)

DarkPepe nginx-forum at
Mon Oct 18 11:32:14 MSD 2010

Yes, I tryed that, but when using the external IP a weird error ocurrs.

It's kind of difficult to explain, but the website shows some random
content from any of the scripts hosted in that particular virtualhost
instead of showing the appropiate info.

Also other websites using different ips get mixed up with the website
associated to that ip (EXTERNAL_IP_3)... 

For example:

EXTERNAL_IP_1 is associated with but, when configuring
the upstream with EXTERNAL_IP_3, displays the info (the
bugged info) of (wich is associated to EXTERNAL_IP_3).

Probably that can be solved by using the correct IP for each virtualhost
in proxy_pass (instead of http://apache) .. but eitherway, we still have
the "bugged content" stuff there.

I KNOW! it's difficult to explain.

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