nginx doesn't handle different URL encodings well

Pierre-Marie Baty at
Fri Oct 22 13:29:53 MSD 2010

> Could you clarify the last two points for me ?
> I use this in /etc/profile (my shell is bash):
> export LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8
> export MM_CHARSET=UTF-8
> According to the handbook there is no need to set LC_ALL and LC_CTYPE.
> And my terminal is a ssh session (putty), thus I suppose I don't need to edit /etc/ttys.
> Am I missing something ? Could you show me your env or tell me what else I need to change ? It would help a lot. Thank you.

OK, I found it. In Putty, configuration, Window, Translation --> assume incoming data as UTF-8.
Now "ls" displays my UTF-8 filenames correctly.
Thanks everybody for your help :) Case solved.
Pierre-Marie Baty

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