HTTP/1.1 backend

SplitIce mat999 at
Mon Oct 25 10:01:42 MSD 2010

Has anyone here had any luck using a 2 layer proxy system to provide
keep-alive support to nignx's backend.

My goal is to setup a system like this:
User -> Nginx -> SoftwareX -> Backend (Different Country) -> SoftwareX ->
Nginx ->User
So in other words another layer.

Ive done some research and found perlbal and vicompress. Any other software
that supports a HTTP/1.1 backend pool (keep alive) that you know of? Any

Oh and BTW to anyone who says that it wont matter, it will, it will remove
the need for a round trip in the proxy process (19ms), big saving.

Warez Scene <> Free Rapidshare
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