How to upgrade nginx to the newest version?

António P. P. Almeida appa at
Mon Oct 25 18:29:19 MSD 2010

On 25 Out 2010 12h03 WEST, liuxin84 at wrote:

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> Hi all,
> I'm using debian and used 'apt-get install nginx' installed nginx
> And I want to upgrade it to version 0.8.53.
> Use 'apt-get install nginx' I don't need to compile nginx, and the
> conf file is in /etc/nginx.  And if I want to install 0.8.53, I need
> to compile nginx first, so how can I upgrade nginx with current
> nginx.conf?  There are several websites on my server, I don't want
> to interrupt web service

If you create a new .deb package there's no interruption and no config
file is rewritten. The .deb has a postinst script that does the
upgrade properly by sending the correct signals to the running

I can share with you my .deb for 0.8.53 (I've not yet setup a debian
repo) It has no SSI, mail support or Python CGI stuff. It's compiled
against the OpenSSL library in squeeze (testing release). 

--- appa

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