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Phil Bayfield phil at
Tue Oct 26 15:58:39 MSD 2010

On 26 October 2010 12:36, Ilan Berkner <iberkner at> wrote:
> You could also profile your php application using xdebug and view the
> resulting files using a grind tool to determine where php is spending most
> of its time.  Profiling will most definitely crash your application,
> especially since you're already seeing 100% CPU utilization but you can run
> it for a short period of time and review the resulting grind files.
You can set in the ini:


Then add XDEBUG_PROFILE to any URL to profile it.

Webgrind is a nice grind viewer:

It would be a really bad idea to run either of these on a production server,
especially one that's under high load, the profiling process is incredibly
resource intensive.
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