Problem with Solaris

Bryan Horstmann-Allen bda at
Wed Oct 27 00:23:45 MSD 2010

| On 2010-10-26 22:04:56, Fr?d?ric Goudal wrote:
| I agree, I have found the same message.
| The disturbing thing is that, while trying to dig a bit more, the last time I launched nginx, the bug did not appear.
| I know that Solaris is not a trendy platform... but... I have no other solution.
| It's strange that nobody else use that OS :)
| Well...  I guess I have to dig by myself... or is there anybody wanting to help ? Even in trying to correct the bug ?

I use nginx on Solaris 10 and have no had this problem, that I recall. I use
the NetBSD pkgsrc ports tree; you might want to see their patches directory to
see if there's anything relevant.

The only thing off the top of my head I can think of... have you set "sendfile
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