nginx on host + nginx in jail - how to setup two servers?

Ian Hobson ian.hobson at
Sat Oct 30 17:59:24 MSD 2010

On 29/10/2010 18:26, dong wrote:
> I have one nginx server on my host, whose connected to internet. I have
> second nginx in jail, whose has nonroutable ip. I want:
> nginx jail --->  nginx host --->  internet (world)
> How I can setup this? Proxy or sth?
If you really want to run nginx on both machines, then you need to set 
up a normal install in the jail machine, and a reverse proxy 
configuration on the firewall.

If you can serve all your content from the "jail" version, then you 
don't need the version on the firewall.  Simply port forward port 80 to 
the port and ip of the "jail" machine.  I think you only need to forward 
TCP. If you are using https then you will need to forward that port also.



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