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Sun Oct 31 21:20:39 MSK 2010

Hi there.

I'm using nginx (v0.8.53 on Arch Linux) for web application development
and testing, and I've encountered a problem. I'll specify the problem
first and then explain why I ran into it.

Is there a way to specify a unix socket address (as in "fcgi_pass
unix:/path/to/socket") relative to nginx prefix? I've tried using
"fcgi_pass: unix:relative/path", but nginx still interpreted it as
absolute path (is this a bug?).

I'd like to be able to specify socket address relative to prefix because
of the setup I use - I run nginx (as well as php fastcgi) as
non-privileged user and keep all the relevant files inside my home dir.
This is mainly for convenience, so that I don't have to go root
everytime I want to tweak some settings or start and stop servers. I use
only relative paths in nginx.conf, and start nginx with a wrapper script
that sets nginx prefix to the directory it resides in. That way I don't
have to update config files everytime I move (or copy) this directory.

Any suggestions?


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