Is Windows version still unstable?

Robert Toth nginx-forum at
Fri Sep 3 15:52:15 MSD 2010


We are considering using Nginx as a web server (mainly for uploading
files). We'd like to use it on Windows - unfortunately Linux is not an
option for us. I've been searching the Internet and this forum for quite
much time to check if Nginx is stable on Windows, and how can I add
custom modules to it, but to no avail (most pieces of information are

So my questions are:
- Is the current binary for Windows stable for production? (Version
0.8.49) I've already read this thread:,2133,2151 but it is quite old.
- If it is stable, how can I add my own modules to it? I read in Evan
Miller's document that Nginx must be re-compiled for this (with the
modules added to it), but the source code for Windows is not available.

Thank You very much in advance,

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