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Sat Sep 4 13:25:25 MSD 2010

Hi all,

I'm new to nginx and I'm looking for a path-based reverse-proxy.
Here's my setup.

nginx server has $PUB_IP, listening to port 80
I have two webservers with $IP1 and $IP2

I want to access my main server from a browser with http://$PUB_IP and
the second server with http://$PUB_IP/myapp

I can't find how to do it.

I tried defining two servers in sites-available, default and myapp, but
since they listen on the same port, I always have the same server with
both http://$pub_ip and http://$pub_ip/myapp. Seems logical to me since
nothing can tell nginx wich server it was supposed to redirect to. 

I have tried to put another location in site-available/default, like

server {
location / {
           proxy_pass http://$IP1

location /myapp {
           proxy_pass http://$IP2

But that doesn't  work. I can only have the main page of site2, not even
the images in the same directoriy. And by the way that looks wrong,
'cause site2 isn't another directory of site1, it's another

So could somebody give me an example or a little help with that ?

Thx a lot !

PS : I have no access to the dns. I can't play with the names like and

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