nginx cache seems to swallow Set-Cookie

Dayo nginx-forum at
Mon Sep 6 18:46:16 MSD 2010

Maxim Dounin Wrote:
> In 0.7.67 nginx strips Set-Cookie headers by
> default on all 
> responses served with proxy_cache switched on. 
ARRGHHH!!!! This is not documented in the changelog and I was going
crazy on why my apps which had been working perfectly fine suddenly
stopped working on upgrading to 0.7.67.
> You may change 
> this with proxy_pass_header directive (note that
> this will cause 
> *cached* responses to return Set-Cookie header as
> well, 
> you have
> to make sure your backend doesn't return personal
> cookies on 
> cacheable responses).
> Note that in 0.8.44 behaviour was changed to
> something considered 
> more natural.  As of 0.8.44 nginx no longer caches
> responses with 
> Set-Cookie header and doesn't strip this header
> with cache turned 
> on (unless you instruct it to do so with
> proxy_hide_header and 
> proxy_ignore_headers).
A far more rational approach ... hope to see this in the 0.7 branch
quickly (0.8.x is a not doable for me)as this undocumented change has
essentially made 0.7.67 unusable. 
I need to roll back and give up the proxy no cache use I upgraded for.

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