2010/09/06 17:19:31 [emerg] 1060#0: unknown directive "geoip_country" in /usr/local/etc/nginx/nginx.conf:16

rainer at ultra-secure.de rainer at ultra-secure.de
Mon Sep 6 23:50:45 MSD 2010

> Hello!

> Follow binary upgrade procedure to upgrade running binary to one
> you have on disk.  If you are using nginx from ports - just run
> "/usr/local/etc/rc.d/nginx upgrade".  Or, if you don't care about
> several seconds of downtime, just restart nginx.


thanks for your input.
I did restart nginx on that server (it's a CARP-slave).
I'm really puzzled, because I used this server to build the package that
works on the CARP-master...
But then you got me thinking...
I did a full stop and a clean start - et voila, it worked.
On the CARP-master, I did an upgrade-procedure as per the book...

Thanks a lot!

Best Regards,

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