Nginx + php-fpm "504 Gateway Time-out" error with almostzeroload(on a test-server)

Reinis Rozitis r at
Wed Sep 8 15:19:18 MSD 2010

> What I am wondering about is:
> -I have same config without "request_terminate_timeout = 60s" and it 
> handles around 20K page-views daily without any issues.

Thats prolly just the average limit for you after which all the php childs 
are stuck (even one free child still can handle quite a lot) .. In those 
moments you can try to attach to any of the php processes with 'gdb' or 
'strace' and look what are they doing (or stuck in).

But its not nginx related anymore ;)

> -Issue appeared all of a sudden, then just 2 days back a test-site with 
> 200MB database was created and running smoothly with 100 other sites 
> without any problem.

Issues dont appear out of nowhere - usually its changes in the php code or 
some backend like DB for example reaching a limit where it can't handle all 
incoming requests anymore (threads pile up etc etc) ;)


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