HTTP Digest support ?

Andriod Dev lists at
Wed Sep 8 23:19:57 MSD 2010

Jonas Pfenniger wrote:
> Hi there,
> is it planned to add digest auth at some time ? It's not that basic
> auth is not useful, but it's pretty weak on replay attacks. Nowadays,
> every common browser supports digest auth so it would be really a
> plus.
> I'm also interested if it could support internal urls for the internal
> password file, like X-Accel-Redirect does. It would be really useful
> to delegate authentication to a third-party web application in a
> multi-application setup.


Any update on digest auth? I want to write a web service that would 
connect to a remote third party web server for retrieving data. The 
remote server requires digest authentication.

Thanks in advance.

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