Feature request: WebSocket proxying :-)

Jeff Waugh jdub at bethesignal.org
Sun Sep 12 08:58:02 MSD 2010

Hi all... but mostly Igor, ;-)

I know many others have requested HTTP/1.1-to-upstream support for all kinds
of reasons. This request is perhaps slightly more focused.

I would *really* like to put nginx in front of my WebSocket servers (for
which I use node.js, but there are popular Python and Ruby implementations

There are lots of good reasons to put nginx in front of a WebSocket server:
you might want to serve static files (efficiently!) on the same port, only
worry about SSL in nginx and not the backend, or running multiple WebSocket
upstreams behind a load-balancing nginx frontend...

Igor, is this something you've considered or looked at, or would you wait
until it made sense to do an HTTP/1.1 (to upstream) implementation?


- Jeff

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