Nginx cutting off ajax responses

alexk nginx-forum at
Mon Sep 20 14:53:36 MSD 2010


I have nginx as proxy to apache. Sometimes AJAX responses are cutting
off. And it mostly appears in Safari. In FF it appears rarely.

In error.log I found this record. Not sure what does it mean though:

2010/09/20 12:46:51 [crit] 11465#0: *87523 open()
"/etc/nginx/proxy_temp/6/08/0000000086" failed (13: Permission denied)
while reading upstream, client: **.***.**.**, server: *******.com,
request: "POST /en/entries/addcommenttopage/12/525/20/newest_first/polls
HTTP/1.1", upstream:
host: "www.*******.com", referrer:

Any advise will be appreciated.


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