Why can't I use the "ssl" modified on more than one listen statement?

portante nginx-forum at nginx.us
Tue Sep 21 21:42:33 MSD 2010

Okay that makes sense, except, why do we expose that to the user in the
configuration files? Why make the user ensure that only one server
configuration specifies the "ssl" listen option, when the "ssl on/off"
can be specified without errors?

I would like to have my server blocks be independent of each other, so
that I can have a complete specification of what I want to happen for
that virtual server without relying on another server block to get that
to happen.

It would be nice to be able to use [code]listen 443 ssl;[/code] in all
of my server blocks (we keep them in separate files since they represent
independent projects and code bases) as a way to describe that should be in SSL mode, if it is not already.

It should still be an error if I have one server block with the ssl
option and one without, but when they all have the same option, what
problem are we trying to alert the user to?

Thanks for engaging in this discussion. I appreciate it.

Sincerely, -peter

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