Nginx wordpress wp super cache rewrite issue

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Wed Sep 22 19:47:19 MSD 2010

Hello Ben and Flavio Torres,

Thank you very much, I have made the changes to my configurations file
and the test is successful. But when I go to wp super cache admin page
and get all the parameters set, it just does not generate any .html
files,  it shows:

WP-Cache (0KB)

    * 0 Cached Pages
    * 0 Expired Pages

WP-Super-Cache (0KB)

    * 0 Cached Pages
    * 0 Expired Pages

I deactivate and reactive it without any lucky, I log out and delete all
offline files and cookies, then reload the pages of my blog, and view
the source code, but could not find any sign showing files generated by
wp super cache, nothing.

Can you help me? I am now testing this blog, so I point my domain to my
VPS IP in hosts file in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc while the real
IP is not this one.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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