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Thu Sep 23 15:42:21 MSD 2010

Hi Ben and Piotr,

Thank you guys, many thanks.

I installed the Nginx compatibility plungin, and it still does not work,
but wp super cache do not say anything like mode rewrite has not been
installed anymore, but I still can not see any static files being

Piotr, I tried your code and yes, the pretty url works, but when I view
the source code when log out, I could not see anything like:

<!-- Dynamic page generated in 0.097 seconds. -->
<!-- Cached page generated by WP-Super-Cache on 2010-09-22 20:12:50 -->

As a matter of fact, I could noe even find the letter cache.

I doubt if anything wrong with my web server or wp super cache. When I
click on test cache, it says:

Fetching to prime cache: OK

Fetching first copy of OK

Fetching second copy of OK

Page 1: 2010-09-12 06:25:16

Page 2: 2010-09-12 06:25:16

The data show above is before I moved my blog to my VPS, every time I
test it, it shows the same date. So I uninstalled wp super cache twice
and delete its files and folder completely, then reinstall it, still no

I checked the /wp-content/cache folder, only to find a folder called
meta, but no static files.

Is there anything to do with Nginx settings or wp super cache? wp super
cache used to work well with apach without any effort. 

Thanks a lot, since I have no expierince with Nginx, I am completely at
a loss about what to do.

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