Simple threading question

Ankur Gupta ankur655 at
Mon Sep 27 10:05:00 MSD 2010


I have a bunch of nginx and php-fpm worker threads.  I am running a
very simple test with a script doing: <? sleep(20); ?>.  I notice that
if I make two requests at the same time (from the same IP address), they get
serialized on the
php-fpm side and have a twenty second differential.  Why would this
happen and the two requests not get processed in parallel when there
are an abundant number of threads?  Here are the two requests in the
slow log file and they have a twenty second difference:

Sep 26 19:02:38.177091 pid 13597 (pool default)
script_filename = /var/www/test1/test.php
[0x00000000095b5280] sleep() /var/www/test1/test.php:2

Sep 26 19:02:58.321560 pid 13609 (pool default)
script_filename = /var/www/test1/test.php
[0x000000000942a890] sleep() /var/www/test1/test.php:2

I have 100+ nginx threads
$ ps -afe | grep nginx | wc -l

and 150 php-fpm threads
$ ps -afe | grep php-fpm | wc -l

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