Simple threading question

Phillip Oldham phill at
Mon Sep 27 11:28:16 MSD 2010

  On 27/09/2010 07:50, Ankur Gupta wrote:
> I can change the number of threads but my question is something 
> completely orthogonal to what you replied.  Why did the two server 
> requests to php-fpm get serialized and not happen in parallel even 
> though there are enough worker threads?

It may be that nginx is proxying to the same php process, which has 
multiple threads, and your sleep command in that thread is causing the 
process to sleep. I've found that the best set-up is 1/2 nginx workers 
(depending on how many CPUs/cores you're running and how much SSL 
traffic you have), multiple PHP processes, each running a small number 
(<5) threads. Specifically, or main production server runs 2/20/4. If 
you need to issue sleep() commands and it *is* locking the process 
rather than the specific thread, maybe reduce that to 2/30-50/1?


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