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cgarver nginx-forum at
Tue Sep 28 18:24:03 MSD 2010

Hello folks,

I'm tried both nginx 0.8.46 and 0.8.52 to reverse proxy a URI with a
whitespace, but I'm having no luck.  Any URI without a space loads just
fine, but one that contains a white space results in a "Bad Request -
HTTP Error 400. The request is badly formed."   I verified that the
patch reference above was in 0.8.46.  [The %20 substitution was missing
from the proxy module so I added it but it didn't help.]

Are you folks about to reverse proxy a white space URI like
" Images/test-image.jpg" 
That's not a valid URI.  I just wanted to give an example that shows the
type of white space that is in my URI.


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