force last-modified with SSI enabled?

Alex Sergeyev asergeyev at
Wed Sep 29 23:01:09 MSD 2010

Sorry that it's completely different of what you expect but I offer to
not use it at all in this case.

My workaround is to send Expires header and Cache-Control: max-age.
IMO this is good enough without making complicated work to answer with
"last modified".

Or send real "old one" like Facebook does:

There is no good in sending "actual" last modified timestamp to client.
It was designed to make intellectual caching but only makes things


On Wed, 2010-09-29 at 11:22 -0700, Fima Leshinsky wrote:
> Is there a way to get nginx to send a last-modified of the "master"
> object when SSI is enabled outside of the: add_header Last-Modified
> "blah" directive? Open to any and all work arounds.
> Thanks in advance.
> Fima
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