Doubt about ssl_verify_client

Ariel arieldiazbermejo at
Thu Sep 30 03:02:25 MSD 2010


I'm writing a Rails app and using nginx+passenger to serve it and I'm
implementing "Client Certificate Authentication". For that purpose I need to
setup the server using the directive *"ssl_verify_client"* and *
"ssl_client_certificate"*. The problem is that I only need this
configuration to happen on some specific URI (like "/client_auth") and I
don't know how to do that.
Seems that I can't put the directives enclosed by a *"location /client_auth
{ ... }"*. And if I put the directives at the server level, then every HTTPS
request will look for the client cert (the browser prompts for it) and I
don't want to bother users with that because this feature is only needed if
you reach the mentioned URI.

I'd appreciate any help on this.


Ariel Diaz Bermejo
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