Unmanaged VPS Beginner: Setting up OS/Nginx/PHP/etc

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Thu Sep 30 08:18:06 MSD 2010

a friend of mine told me to try apt-get update and apt-get upgrade b4 i saw this response and i did both.. seems it updated pretty much everything..
cat /etc/debian_version =  5.0.6
nginx -v = nginx/0.8.37
mysql -V = mysql  Ver 14.12 Distrib 5.0.51a, for debian-linux-gnu (x86_64) using readline 5.2

php -v doesnt seem to be returning anything so I'm guessing I dont have it installed.. should I start over or does the way I upgraded not matter?
I know MySQL is a requirement for some of the things ill be using.. whats the difference with MariaDB? I'm not adding sites yet until I'm done with this server stuff but thanks for the info ill try that script when i get to that part

How do I check to see if MySQL and PHP are on the serv? and how do i check if m
On Sep 29, 2010, at 5:05 PM, António P. P. Almeida wrote:

> On 30 Set 2010 00h19 WEST, bthreesix at gmail.com wrote:
>> [1 <multipart/alternative (7bit)>] [1.1 <text/plain; us-ascii
>> (quoted-printable)>] I decided to go with an unmanaged VPS but I
>> don't understand the basics so I'm a little lost.. right now my
>> panel looks like this
>> http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/8550/screenshot05c.jpg
>> and I did install Debian 5 and Nginx using the "Reinstall OS"
>> feature inside the VPS Panel but I'm not sure if I have the latest
>> version of Debian 5 or Nginx. I haven't had too much luck in the
>> Nginx forum or in the IRC channel so I'm asking here
>> My Questions are:
>> 1. How do I check the versions of Debian-5 and the Nginx that are
>>   installed? If I have to upgrade them, is there anywhere I can go
>>   to find out how?
> Debian 5. Check the release. The current release number is in
> /etc/debian_version
> cat /etc/debian_version 
> Alternatively, if you have the lsb-release package installed:
> lsb_release -d gives you the Debian version, release and codename.
> The current is: 5.0.6 (lenny). 
> For nginx, if you used the package from Lenny (quite old) you can find
> out which package you have installed with: dpkg -s nginx
>> 2. After I figure out if i have the latest versions for number 1,
>>   how do I install PHP / MySQL / phpMyAdmin?
> Get the version from dotdeb is the latest 5.2.x. Or 5.3.x if go that route.
> http://www.dotdeb.org/instructions/
> I suggest MariaDB instead of the standard MySQL: http://ourdelta.org/debian
> I advise against installing phpmyadmin. There are exploits and holes
> being found every other day for it. Instead I suggest you use the
> console over SSH.
>> 3. How do I add other sites without a control panel?
> Create a configuration for each site (virtual host) in
> /etc/nginx/sites-available and enable it. Currently Debian has no
> script in the nginx package (any version) for emulating the
> a2ensite/a2dissite Apache utility. I wrote a small Bash script for
> that. It's referenced in the Wiki and also you can get it from
> http://github.com/perusio/nginx_ensite.
> After enabling each host, reload nginx. The new site is up.
>> I don't expect 1 person to answer everythin.. I just need help.. its
>> been 2 days now and I haven't beena ble to figure anythin out so any
>> help at all is appreciated
> Check this: http://library.linode.com/
> Also run a firewall and secure your machine as much as possible. These
> guides have everything you need follow them and you'll be clear from
> dangerous dark woods.
> --- appa
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