Nginx + php + fpm plug'n'play configuration

Daniele Pignedoli daniele.pignedoli at
Fri Apr 1 18:14:40 MSD 2011

Hi guys, im new to Nginx.

Im running on a ubuntu 10.04 server machine, and im trying to understand how
to configure nginx in order to run a website with many subdomains, where
every of them must run php with a different user, without restarting nginx
or php5-fpm.

Basically, when i need to a subdomain, i have a script that create the
server user, then his folder owned by him; for example, for the subdomain i will have a `foo` user and a
/var/www/vhosts/subdomains/foo/htdocs folder.

So, for every requests to *, i need to:
1. check if user and folder exists
2. invoke fpm with the matching user/group (maybe the group will be the same
for every subdomain)

Any suggestion about?
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