Why am I needing to add ampersand manually in rewrites?

jamz nginx-forum at nginx.us
Mon Apr 4 08:39:55 MSD 2011

What I'm saying is that my links don't work correctly unless I do that.
I have no idea why. For example, when I could click a link that would
take me to something/some?_wpnonce1234 it would take me to an error page
that said "are you sure you want to do this?" but when I added the
ampersand, it worked as designed. so something/some?&_wpnonce1234 would
work. So now I've gone through my whole site and into the WP and BP core
and added ampersands everywhere and my site is fully functional on

I have Nginx with PHP FPM and the Nginx compatibility plugin for php5. I
set it up on a VPS from scratch following a tutorial and it's all been
great except for this one issue. 

Anybody know why this would ever occur?

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