Why am I needing to add ampersand manually in rewrites?

jamz nginx-forum at nginx.us
Mon Apr 4 09:54:19 MSD 2011

Thanks for your help, Cliff. I have a feeling that what you say is
spot-on. Perhaps from that tutorial I have added in some kind of
redirect or something that is causing the ? links to not work without an
appended &. It's really weird. Maybe I should try replacing the & with
another ?. If I'm removing the first ? by default, that would make sense
then. Although, I have checked the site across many browsers now, and
everything is working exactly how it should. Load times are extremely
fast. Before, I got lots of error messages. So while this fix isn't
necessarily correct, it seems to be working, and as I've repeated it
across different links, they all start to work. So I'm going to roll
with it for now...I'm on a time crunch to get this up. I'll have to look
more into it later. 

Until then, if you or anyone thinks of anything, please make a shout :)


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