Nginx + php + fpm plug'n'play configuration

Daniele Pignedoli daniele.pignedoli at
Tue Apr 5 16:47:01 MSD 2011

> OK, so you've gone for "one nginx which can read all files".
> Your config looks to me like it should work ok.

Yes, my first try is to have just 1 nginx instance, i think is easy to
mantain and manage.. and im not comfortable with ports, for what i've
understood every nginx instance must have its own port to listen to...

I think I had suggested just running one fcgi server per user, which would
> avoid the "restart" thing. That would probably be the equivalent to your
> > php5-cgi -b /var/run/php5-fpm-test_bar.sock
Yep, running 1 cgi instance per user is more flexible, but will require more
effords in maintenance.. easily to fall in a headcache to administer so mny
instances (please note that im not a sysadmin and i dont have much
experience with server administration, that's why im using a KIS approach)

Of course i know the cron task can not be the solution in production mode,
but from my tests seem that fpm could reload the configuration without
restart: I haven to try this under a storm of requests, but looks pretty

Well, thanks again for your time and suggestion, i'll play around with the
configurations hoping to find the 'best' solution.


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