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Tue Apr 5 23:01:21 MSD 2011

Hi Paxxil,

thanks for your swift reply, actually that's not exactly what I meant:

there is two directories for dynamic content (php):


/var/www/nginx_default/  or similar

which will usually work for your code above (catching all urls ending
with .php)
with the SCRIPT_FILENAME path set to the right dir

but then there is another one:


that i want to make available to everybody (on the same domain)
under the url:

these will also match \.php$ but should get directed to the phpmyadmin
I used this regex:
location ~ ^/phpmyadmin/(.*)(\.php)$
to catch it but it won't work like expected...

i am now doing a workaround with a subdomain:
which can be cought in the server block by the domain name 
so i can set root directory to /usr/share/phpmyadmin

but i am still not satisfied with this as it involves changing the NS
while a "subfolder" will be much easier to setup

any help very much appreciated (not to say needed, hehe)


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