Roberto De Ioris roberto at unbit.it
Wed Apr 6 12:05:33 MSD 2011

The second maintainance release for uWSGI 0.9.7 is available.

It includes a couple of amazing features that will push you to this new release if you are still under 0.9.6

* [20110406]

- new option --touch-reload <file> to reload the stack on <file> modification

- --static-map <mountpoint=documentroot> allows to serve static files


static-map = /media=djanco/contrib/admin/media

- fixed --post-limit management

- disallow empty socket names

- implemented exception_info WSGI support

(trac users will finally see errors in their logs)

- new options --reload-on-as <n> and --reload-on-rss <n> allows
to recycle workers when their memory usage is higher than <n> MB

two of the most needed functions, use them whenever possibile
to maintain your hardware healthy

- fixed syslog support (use --log-syslog[=facility] to enable it)

- improved plugin loading system

- added support for RabbitMQ as event dispatcher for the Emperor

look at the updated Emperor documentation


- fixed FreeBSD memory report

- PSGI plugin can be compiled without ithreads

- various Emperor fixes

- fixed a regression with setgroups()

- support for shared sockets (used in jails within network namespaces)

You can download it from



pip install uwsgi


easy_install uwsgi

Roberto De Ioris

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