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Jonathan Leibiusky ionathan at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 02:33:25 MSD 2011

hi! first I wanted to say that nginx is a great product!
I am trying to use it to route my traffic with several different rules. This
way I can do ab testing.
My rules use different inputs, like http headers and uri of the request.
I am using right now the location block with regex. But when I need to do
something more complex (like matching the query string and http_method) I
can't find a way to do it as it seems like nginx doesn't have a rich
programming language, which is reasonable. But I am sure there are ways to
do what I want, like:

location ~ /items.* {
  if ($query_string ~ .*&ids=.* && $request_method = GET) {
    proxy_pass pool_a;
  proxy_pass pool_b;

this is just an example, my rules can get more complex. what would be the
recommended way to address this?


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