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Richard Kearsley Richard.Kearsley at
Sun Apr 10 05:18:11 MSD 2011

Apologies, it is not the cache taking up the space, it is the temp directory. But why is it still writing (and more importantly, not deleting!) the temp files. I disabled them in the config:

                        proxy_temp_path /var/cache/disk1/nginx_proxy_temp9001 1 2 3;
                        proxy_max_temp_file_size 0;

/var/cache/disk1/nginx_proxy_temp9001# du -sh
51G     .


Many thanks

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Subject: cache manager

I have the line in my config like this..

proxy_cache_path  /var/cache/disk1/nginx_proxy_cache  levels=2:2:2   keys_zone=disk1:500m inactive=36h max_size=95000m;

This regularly finds its way over 100GB.. anything more I can do to make it stick to 95GB?

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