Deleting Request-Headers

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Sun Apr 10 14:43:37 MSD 2011

i'm trying to extend the lua-module with some features... currently i'm
still bugging around with the Request/Response Headers...

With older nginx-versions (0.7.x) you were able to completeley remove
Request-Headers for cgi-scripts when the "hash"-value of the header was
set to zero.

Sadly this method is not working with the current stable (0.8.54)
anymore :( - As a workaround i name the Key and Value of the header
"deleted" for now.

Is there something i can use to completely remove the header?

Here's the sample-code i use:

ngx_http_lua_req_header_rm(lua_State *L)
    ngx_http_request_t          *r;
    ngx_str_t                   temp_key;
    ngx_str_t                   del_text;
    ngx_list_part_t             *header_part;

    lua_getglobal(L, GLOBALS_SYMBOL_REQUEST);
    r = lua_touserdata(L, -1);
    lua_pop(L, 1); = (u_char*) luaL_checkstring(L,1);
    temp_key.len = strlen(luaL_checkstring(L,1)); = (u_char*) "deleted";
    del_text.len = strlen("deleted");

    for(header_part = &(r->headers_in.headers.part) ; header_part ;
header_part = header_part->next)
        unsigned int i;
        ngx_table_elt_t *header = header_part->elts;
        for(i = 0; i < header_part->nelts; ++i)
            if( aod_strcmp(header[i].key, temp_key) == 0 )
                header[i].hash = 0;
                header[i].key = del_text;
                header[i].value = del_text;

    return 0;

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