reverse proxying video streaming

Hari Hendaryanto hari.h at
Wed Apr 13 16:12:21 MSD 2011

hi, francis, thanks for quick reply

On 4/13/2011 6:30 PM, Francis Daly wrote:
> however, i need to append fake uri such as
> The browser asks nginx for /stream/stream/content.flv. With
> the above configuration, nginx asks the backend for
> /stream.flvstream/content.flv. That doesn't work for you.
> So: what url do you want nginx to ask the backend for?
ok, sorry that was typo. it should be

>> here's what i've done so far
>>          location /stream/content.flv {
> This location doesn't match your request, so won't be used.
>> any clues?
> The debug log will show which location{} block is used for this request.
> But before that: decide what you want nginx to ask the backend for,
> and see if shows you
> how to achieve that.
but i don't want to pass anything to backend, just creating dummy uri 
"/stream/content.flv" , so my browser embbeded flash player recognize it.

but thanks anyway :)
> Good luck with it,
> 	f

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