Resource temporarily unavailable with css file

jeff14 nginx-forum at
Thu Apr 14 08:46:24 MSD 2011

hi,  i used nginx 0.7.65 before, and i upgrade it to 1.0.0 yesterday,
but after this update ,i  got some strange error.
i have a normal html web page call myHtml.html, it linked a css file
called myCss.css.
1. i open this web page, this is ok
2. i change some content of myCss.css.
3. i refresh myHtml.html, but i get 500 error of getting the css file:
(/dat/web is my root directory)
2011/04/14 12:29:35 [crit] 23140#0: *124 open() "/dat/web/myCss.css"
failed (11: Resource temporarily unavailable), client:,
server: *, request: "GET /myCss.css HTTP/1.1", host:
"", referrer: ""
4. i press F5 to refresh this page again , then i got the normal html
and css file, everything seems ok.

can everybody tell me what happen? thanks

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