How to make Nginx work with distributed/multiple memcached servers?

Andy nginx-forum at
Fri Apr 15 22:09:24 MSD 2011


I want to use Nginx as a caching reverse proxy to a Django website that
runs behind Nginx over uWSGI.

Is it possible for Nginx to use multiple memcached servers to cache the
dynamic pages generated by Django? If so can you share some example
config? All the examples I've seen only uses one local memcached

And if it's possible to use multiple memcached servers, who will be
doing the storing and invalidation of cached pages - Nginx or Django?
And if it's Django, how do i make sure that given the same key, both
Django and Nginx will hash to the same memcached server?

I'm new to this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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