Nginx 1.0.0 and Third Party Modules Install

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Sun Apr 17 07:15:56 MSD 2011

onur.ozgur.ozkan Wrote:
> Hi,
> We use ubuntu on laptop and centos on server. So
> we follow the for
> PPA.  How can we know that it is out of date
> especially it installed version 1.0.0. :)
> Anyway we understand that there is no way to add
> modules without ./configure and make install
> again.
> Thanks.

I should write a complete blog post about modifying a debian/ubuntu
package to add modules.  I do the work in a virtualbox virtual machine
so I don't clutter up my computers with all the dev packages. Basically

make a working directory and cd to it
apt-get source nginx (this will get the 1.0.0 from ppa:nginx/stable if
you have it in your apt sources)
apt-get build-dep nginx
cd to the nginx-[version] directory
download and untar the new modules to the module directory (debian
prefers that you make a patch and put it in debian/patches, but you can
just put them in place manually for now)
modify debian/rules and add the appropriate line to the configure
command (you can mostly copy the line there for the upstream-fair
run dch to update the changelog with a new version
run debuild -us -uc

and voila you have a new deb that you can dpkg -i.  If you're on Ubuntu
and you intend to keep doing it and distributing it to multiple
machines, I highly recommend getting a launchpad ppa.  There's some
extra one time work registering a gpg key with launchpad and on your
virtual machine and the debuild command is a little different, and you
dput it up to launchpad, but it's still quick, and then you can just
apt-get full-upgrade to pull your new version to all your dev/production

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