can not get the output when i use eval module

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Sun Apr 17 18:54:52 MSD 2011

nginx 0.8.54  ,this is my nginx conf

        location /one/ {
            eval $uid {
                set $memc_cmd incr;
                set $memc_key 'system_uid';
                set $memc_value 1;
                echo 'test';

            echo 'helloworld';

        location /two/ {
            echo 'helloworld';

when i use  curl  i can get the output ,
but when i curl  , it just stuck there, i can not get the

i  checked the value of the system_uid  in memcache , it  really  changed .

what is the problem?    many thanks.


Best Wishes,
from   刘连响
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