Upstream setup with proxy and fastcgi?

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Mon Apr 18 21:45:54 MSD 2011

Thanks for the reply, Francis.
Let detail more the scenario, so you understand what I try to do.

[ 1.localserverip (main load balancer, with nginx and php-fpm installed)
---- + [ 2.localserverip (node with php-fpm installed) ]
---- + [ 3.localserverip (node with php-fpm installed) ]
---- + [ 4.localserverip (node with php-fpm installed) ]

A better graphical example can be viewed in this image:

Basically, 1.localserverip is the site entrance, where nginx load
balancing is done.
Each server (including the 1.localserverip) will have the exact same
content into /var/www/html directory.
The served content consist in static (images, cass, js, etc.) and php
So if an user access the site, 1.localserverip will pick a node and
serve the content, based on the load balancing setup:
upstream proxy {
server 1.localserverip:8000;
server 2.localserverip:8000;
server 3.localserverip:8000;
server 4.localserverip:8000;

My goal is to be able to load balance not only the proxy but also the
What would be the configuration like?

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