Nginx 1.0 + IPv6 kills server when accessed over IPv6

Igor Sysoev igor at
Tue Apr 19 16:34:02 MSD 2011

On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 12:30:36AM +1200, Ryan B wrote:
> what does the function "backlog=1024" exactly do?

man listen:

The backlog argument defines the maximum length to which the queue of pending
connections for sockfd may grow.  If a connection request arrives when the
queue is full, the client may receive an error with an indication of
ECONNREFUSED or, if the underlying protocol supports retransmission, the
request may be ignored so that a later reattempt at connection succeeds.

Changes with nginx 0.9.5                                         21 Feb 2011

    *) Change: now nginx uses a default listen backlog value -1 on Linux.

Igor Sysoev

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