Compile MySql with Nginx

arleybls nginx-forum at
Fri Apr 29 13:59:41 MSD 2011

Hello JD,

Thanks for the feedback.

At the begging I was using the library directly from the mysql website,
for that matter I indeed created amysal-client.cong  file on
etc/ and appended the /usr/local/lib to it (didnt work).
Couple of tries later, installed the package yum mysal-devel and it
created a sencond file point to its lib version, so basically right now
this is what I have:

[root at localhost]# more mysql-i386.conf
[root at localhost]# more mysql-client.conf

each dir refers to a different version of the libs, I removed
mysql-client and gave it a shot, no dice, stills fail...


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