Nginx + PHP-fpm + NFS poor performance

Fermín Manzanedo Guzmán fmanzanedo at
Wed Feb 2 19:46:25 MSK 2011


I'm new with nginx and want to know if it is possible to implement this 
architecture because we're having a very poor performance over the same 
tests against local installations.

For test we have 2 hosts. One with nginx+php-fpm+apc reading our php 
code locally, and another one with the same server/software but reading 
our php code from a NFS volume provided by a filer.

In the stress tests, the first one has a 12 requests/sec ratio but the 
second one has only about 0,6 req/sec. The filer performance is OK since 
we have a lot of apache servers serving our front pages from the same 
volume without any problem, and the data collected by the filer tools 
are OK.

So, what can be wrong? If need any piece of confs, please let me know.


Fermín Manzanedo Guzmán

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